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The Meluhhan Oracle

Previously published in India as The Pparahan Oracle

The Pparahan Oracle


Originally when I was writing this book, I had decided to call it The Meluhhan Oracle. But the editors of the Self-Publishing House I first used, preferred the title The Pparahan Oracle. Being new to this business, I went along with their suggestion. After publishing, people who had read the original manuscript, informed me that they preferred the original title. Then one of my acquaintances mentioned, that not being sure how Pparahan was pronounced, she could not refer the book to her friend. When I asked her to explain, she said that she wasn't sure of how to pronounce the double Ps. When I mentioned words like dropped and topped, she asked for an example of a word that starts with double Ps. As I stood there trying to think of one, I suddenly realized how unwisely stubborn I was being. Here was someone telling me that she wanted to refer my book, and couldn't do so because of the title, and instead of doing something about it, I was trying to defend the title! I immediately told her about my original title, and once she confirmed that the double Hs of Meluhhan wouldn't create any issues at all, I decided to go back to The Meluhhan Oracle.

The Meluhhan Oracle


      Scorpio Books announces the release of Author I.J. Roy’s The Meluhhan Oracle

2015-01-26 - In his book, author I.J. Roy transports his readers back in time to Meluhha and Sumer on a thrilling adventure with a hint of mythology.


      A moving tale of a Meluhhan Dancing Girl’s struggle against sexual exploitation. The central theme of the novel is the exploitation of women by people in power. And when they cannot bear it any longer, how these seemingly docile women are capable of transformation from Sati to Kali, and Aphrodite to Athena, to wreak vengeance on their tormentors.


      The reader is swept along the adventures of a father and daughter who are sentenced to death for looking different, of a town that is destroyed by mysterious floods, of a leader who is banished for being kind to his people, of twin brothers who make it their mission to fulfil the dreams of others, and of an Akkadian who travels from Sumer to Meluhha in search of the fabled White Gods of the Great Northern White Mountains.


In this journey, amidst the love and hatred, friendship and animosity, hope and despair, laughter and tears, and revenge, the author blends in interesting glimpses of day-to-day life in Meluhha and Sumer.



An excerpt from “The Meluhhan Oracle”


“Go in peace on your quest, Akkadian. And the Gods, they are not all White,” the voice said.


The author laces his historical adventure with a dash of mythology to create a mystical aura that persists long after the reader has absorbed the mesmerizing finish


Book: The Meluhhan Oracle

Author: I. J. Roy

ISBN: 978-06-92358-24-5


Publishing Date: January 2015

Publisher: Scorpio Books

Language: English


Other Editions:

Smashwords eBook: The Meluhhan Oracle.

India Papaerback: The Pparahan Oracle (Previous name of The Meluhhan Oracle)

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