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She is beauty beyond compare- only she is completely snow white. Snow white she is in a literal sense- she is an albino beauty.
It was a story of thousands of years ago- in those days such body colour was a subject of suspicion? Was she a witch?
To escape the eyes of her hometown folks- began an adventurous journey of father and daughter duo- to a safe town. Or perhaps they have imagined so.
Everything was safe and secured for our lady- Zaaya-until she found the man of her desire-her prince charming. It was like a cakewalk- they married in the temple sanctuary.
Or it is the beginning of their ordeal.
There she caught the eye of the chief High Priest of the city- his lustful eyes.
In the name of wish of the god- married Zaaya was sacrificed to the lust of the honourable men who happened to be the rulers of the city states those days.
Zaaya had had enough of it- but when she realised that the eyes of her apple –her dear daughter Tiraa-is going to be the next prey-she could bear it no longer. .....


The words of a storyteller can magically weave images of places far away and times long past. However, the people in these tales are memorable while still being realistically human with their personal errors in judgments, selfishness, and risk taking. These stories, even adult ones as in this novel, still reveal life lessons while revealing the people and everyday life of the culture.



The Meluhhan Oracle is the creation of author I. J. Roy who envisions the world of long ago in the lands between Sumer and Meluhha which is now known as the Indus Valley Civilization currently recognized as Northwest India and Pakistan. He utilized information from archeological finds to construct this tale.

Each chapter builds upon the characters and consequences of the previous ones, all revolving around a few central figures as their quests filled with learning experiences and adventures. ....




When angels fear to tread- demons appear in the clout of angels.
What is religion? It’s debatable- no doubt. To an atheist it is the opium of the people. To a philosopher it is the expression of a man in the solitude, and the way of valuing most comprehensively and intensively. To a man like me it is the frescoes of Ajanta, the choir song at churches or the unbelievable architecture of the Jama Masjid. Or to a common man- a god fearing man, religion is a set of tradition, faiths and customs.
And when the common man is chained by the customs, faith and traditions deliberately created by the propagators of religious practices on earth it really becomes the opium of the commoner. History is the witness- that through the ages when state power has messed up with the so called propagators of god- the plight of the people reached its zenith! When there is absolute power at the hands of those who demands that they have divine orders- it corrupts absolutely. It may be the saga of old, medieval or modern world- the picture remains the same. .....

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