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For young Tiraa, a joyful visit to the town’s Temple Sanctuary turns terrifying through the lustful attentions of the Chief High Priest. For most girls there would be no escape from his lecherous intentions, but her mother, Zayaa, is an extraordinary woman of indomitable courage and unconquerable spirit. She is an albino, her skin the color of milk and her hair white as sand. The Gods themselves have ordained her The-Dreamer-of-Truths-Yet-to-Come. She is The Meluhhan Oracle and she is determined to save her daughter against all odds.


The Meluhhan Oracle follows the adventures of a father and daughter who are sentenced to death for looking different, of a town that is destroyed by mysterious floods, of a leader who is banished for being kind to his people, of twin brothers who make it their mission to fulfill the dreams of others, and of an Akkadian who travels from Sumer to Meluhha in search of the fabled White Gods of the Great Northern White Mountains.


This historical adventure follows its fascinating characters, as they travel between Meluhha and Sumer, over strange lands and rivers, and from flourishing plains to sky-scraping mountains, on a journey filled with love and hatred, friendship and animosity, hope and despair, laughter and tears, and revenge.

The Meluhhan Oracle

An excerpt from The Meluhhan Oracle
“Go in peace on your quest, Akkadian. And the Gods, they are not all White,” the voice said.

The author laces his historical adventure with a dash of mythology to create a mystical aura that persists long after the reader has absorbed the mesmerising finish.

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